Deployment FAQs

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Are you interested in being a Covid Communication Champion at your hospital?

We are seeking 1-2 representatives from each hospital in the Rhode Island area to act as Covid Communication Champions in their institution. These are folks passionate about ensuring their patients have the ability to stay in touch with their loved ones during this time.

Who can be a Covid Communication Champion (CCC)?

If you are a nurse, hospital administrator, social worker, physician or advance practice practitioner (PA or NP) please consider being a CCC.

What do Covid Communication Champions do?

Your role is to work with your hospital leadership and IT administrators to develop a pathway to use the tablets to help your patients communicate. You will be asked to provide a receiving address for the donated tablet and charging cable.

Are tablet cases provided?

At this time, we are seeking out companies to donate tablets cases. Some donations may include cases and some may not.

What are some suggested ways tablets can be used to help patients communicate with their loved ones?

We suggest that the tablets be prioritized for patients who are approaching or at end-of-life. In this way, their family from all over the world can see and talk to their critically ill loved one. However, tablets may also be used for any patient who can’t have visitors due to the pandemic, so they can also communicate with their loved ones.

How should tablets be kept clean between patients?

Most institutions already use Interpreters on wheels, Glidescopes and other durable medical equipment that goes between patient rooms. We suggest using existing institutional policies to clean the tablets between patient use.

How should tablets be stored?

Tablets should be stored in a dry environment and be kept fully charged. We suggest having the tablets stored within a secure administrative office that can be accessed by select individuals 24 hours a day. At some institutions, the social work department has been tasked with “owning” the tablet program.

What communication applications will be inlcuded on the devices?

We will include: Zoom, Google Hangouts, and FaceBook Messenger on the devices.

Stay tuned for how to use guides.

patient Privacy

Please remember to clear all personal information from the devices in between patients.