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We are currently directing all Massachusetts Donations to Brigham Health.

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Device Information

Due to hospital policies we are only able to accept Apple iOS devices at this time. We can only use the following models.

If you are unsure about what model you own, please use the two links below to find out your device's model.

Sign out & Disable
Find my Device

On your device please navigate to Settings and complete the following:

  • Select your name from the list of options, it should be the foremost option under the search bar. This brings you to your Apple ID & iCloud Settings
  • Select the option "Find My" from the list of options.
  • Select either the "Find My iPad" or "Find My iPhone" option. This should be at the top of the list.
  • Turn off the toggle next to "Find My iPad" or "Find My iPhone". The switch should be aligned to the left and should have a gray background color, when complete.
  • A prompt will appear asking you to enter your Apple ID Password. Please enter this and tap the button titled "Turn Off" in the upper righthand corner.

If you are having difficulties please consult Apple's Support Page.

Apple Support Article

Erase Device
Content & Settings

Prior to completing these steps please ensure that you do not have any data on the device that is not saved elsewhere. Completing this step will delete all your data, so we can prepare the device for our patients.

If you wish to proceed, navigate to Settings and complete the following:

  • Select "General" from the list of options.
  • Scroll down until you see the second to last option titled "Reset" and select it.
  • Select the second option "Erase All Content & Settings".
  • Confirm that you want to erase your device.
  • Your device may restart to preform these changes. If completed successfully you should see a start up screen with different languages appearing in the center. Please leave the device in this state, so we can reconfigure it when we receive it.

If you are having difficulties please consult Apple's Support Page.

Apple Support Article

Your Device

Please ensure that you sanitize your device prior to packaging it. This helps us keep our healthcare workers well, as they will be preparing this devices for patient use. The devices will be resanitized prior to patient use, using CDC and Hospital Guidelines.

Please package your device in a secure box. If you have the original charger or case for the device please include those as well. This ensures that the devices are properly protected and charged for patient use.

Donation Receipt

If you would like a receipt, for tax purposes, please check the following box, provide us with your mailing address, and the approximate age of your device.

You will then receive confirmation of your tax-deductible donation from Brigham Health.

Mailing Information

If you plan to mail your device to us please send it to the following address:

Brigham & Women’s Hospital
89 Fenwood Road
Boston, MA 02115
C/O Pete Linck

This may be left blank if you have not chosen a courier yet.
You may leave this blank if you don't know your tracking number.

Thank you for your Donation!

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