Device Request

Covid Connectors is looking to partner with nonprofits on the frontline of the COVID 19 Pandemic looking for iPads to help their clients or patients communicate while in isolation.
If you qualify we will provide the traditional and social media outreach to try to obtain donations. We will add you to our page directing people to hospitals or institutions accepting donations. This will then bring people to a form that we will customize depending on the models of devices you can accept, how you’d like the devices packaged, and any information you need for tax records. Keep in mind the devices will be shipped directly to you. We provide instructions for deleting content and cleaning the devices, however, receiving institutions will need to add the appropriate software they would like to use with their patients and set up Apple accounts on the devices.  We collect the donors name, email address, and phone number. We also collect courier And tracking information so that you are aware of the number of incoming devices, and when they will arrive. All of this information is shared in a spreadsheet and is updated in real time. The information we will need to build out the webpage’s form is your logo(s), an address to send the devices to, any instructions you’d like for packaging the devices, and a list of devices you are willing to accept.
If you are an institution interested in partnering with us to help you obtain iPads to combat the isolation of COVID 19 please fill out this request form.
If you are an individual looking to help Covid Connectors you could assist by identifying community partners that are in need of ipads, we can list them on our website, and then we can help you coordinate a local traditional media or social media campaign to help acquire donations.